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​About the Kollel

The “Second Seder Kollel” is comprised of over a hundred serious avreichim from all over the world who came to Eretz Yisrael for the sole purpose of learning Torah and growing spiritually.  They utilize these precious years of learning to absorb a tremendous amount of halachic knowledge. The skills and knowledge they imbibe during this stage in their lives are crucial: a solid grasp of halachah as it pertains to everyday life as a Torah Jew. After our avreichim leave the beis medrash for the workforce, they find that the strong foundation of learning that was built in our kollel is crucial in enabling them to remain committed bnei Torah and to continue learning with the high standards of the kollel. 

Our kollel offers a daily riveting shiur and rigorous curriculum, as well as monthly comprehensive tests, motivating a thorough review, with an option for semichah available. Our members forge close bonds with the roshei kollel, Rabbi Shraga Kallus and Rabbi Yitzchok Boehm, and feel comfortable turning to them even after they leave the kollel. Shiurim are available online to facilitate review and enable alumni to keep up with the kollel’s curriculum. 

Together we can be partners in enabling Torah learning to reach new heights. 

In the merit of your generosity may you have success and health, and may you be blessed in all your future endeavors. You should merit to see the fulfillment of the passuk (Mishlei 3, 18), “Eitz chaim he lamachazikim bah.”

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Dedication Opportunities


Rent for the Beis Medrash

The “Second Seder Kollel” started 8 years ago in the dining room of Yeshiva Aderes HaTorah in Yerushalayim. The Kollel is very grateful for the hospitality shown to us by the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Senter. Over the past year, the Kollel grew to a point where it was no longer feasible to stay in the tight conditions of Yeshiva Aderes HaTorah. The decision was made to move. Baruch Hashem, through a tremendous amount of Hashgacha Pratis, the Kollel found accommodations in the Slonimer Beis Medrash in the Beis Yisroel neighborhood of Yerushalayim. 

With the move came new responsibilities that until now have so graciously been handled by the Hanhala of Yeshiva Aderes HaTorah. Simple things like rent, air conditioning, coffee and tissues. This is in addition to the many more Avreichim that are now getting paid by the Kollel. We turn to you to help us raise money to cover these added expenses to lighten the load on the Roshei Kollel.

Sefer Dedication

Following the success of their first book, “Wine Whisky & Halachah”, HaRav Shraga Kallus and Rabbi Avraham Chaim Slansky are pleased to present – “The Laws of Yichud” - A sefer based on the Shiurim given in the Second Seder Kollel!

HaRav Shraga Kallus is a renowned authority in Halacha and has delivered thousands of Shiurim on various topics. His shiurim run the gamut of Halachah, in which even the most complex of topics are made clear to allow for immediate practical application. 


$1,800 / $3,600 / $5,000 / $12,000